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The Complete System Concept... We know what works

JK Sound is not your average retail outlet for any and all audio equipment. We are end users, just like our customers, except that we are very experienced end users. Because we are a Pro Audio Rental and Event Production Company we are constantly putting systems in the field under any and all conditions, sometimes extreme conditions -like the Burning Man festival, for instance. If there is some problem with a speaker, amp, processor, or combination there of, we’ll find out about it so that you never have to.

Custom Configuration of Speaker Processing
Not sure about how to set up asymetric cross over curves, time correction for driver alignment, parametric EQ filters and RMS limiters? The experienced Systems Engineers at JK Sound perform these services for some of the top night clubs in the world as well as for Bay Area performing arts centers, churches, hotels, bars and restuarants. Let us configure your processor for you for hassel free implementaion. We support Ashly, DBX, Dolby/Lake, Biamp, Rane and XTA processors.

Michael Lacina

Allen & Heath Xone:92
Professional 6 Channel DJ Mixer Perfect for club installations. The Xone 92 has the best gain structure of any mixer we have tested, and with internally selectable gainration, it does the best job of any mixer on the market of ensuring that pristine quality gets through the audio chain. And it hasa great features set that DJ's really enjoy.

Steve Hixon

Lab Gruppen Power Amps
When we are really trying to get the best possible sound quality for our clients we install Lab Gruppen. With 2, 4 and 8 channel moedls to choose from and power ratings of up to 13,000 watts these amps are the validictyorian of the graduating class of 2007.

Brad Katz

DIGAM K10 Power Amp by Powersoft
2 x 6000 W @ 2 ohm, 2 x 4000 W @ 4 ohm
Powersoft writes about "powere denisty" on theri web page. That's not a baost:12,000 watts in one rack space! And they are the most efficient amplifiers on earth. You can shake the ground and shave the planet at the same time.

Brad Katz

APB Mixing Consoles
When Yoshi's, one of the nations top jazz clubs, chose a new console for it's flagship venue in San Francisco it wen with the new 40 channel APB Dynasonics T Series console with fully sweepable EQ, 10 VCA's and LCR plus mon output masters, all controllabel by a single fader.