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New One of a Kind System in San Francisco

Ruby Skye’s new customized EAW Avalon Sound System raises the bar for technology application, component quality, amplifier headroom and overall system design.

Sound System Installer: JK Sound, Inc. San Francisco, CA
System Designer: Michael Lacina, President, JK Sound
System Programmer: Brad Katz, JK Sound

The system design broke new ground to include many firsts: First night club in the world to use the Lake Contour 26 loudspeaker processors.

The overall speaker system is a five-way design consisting of Subs, Lows, Mids, Highs and Super Tweeters. In each of the four corners of the main dance floor are EAW Avalon DC1 speakers, which JK Sound customized by employing 15 drivers manufactured by Sound 18 and typically used in EAW’s Pro Touring KF series. The other modification was the substitution of the EAW 5001 - 3 high with the 4 titanium diaphragm high frequency driver from the KF Series.

First EAW Avalon system to use 18 Sound woofers form EAW’s Pro Sound touring KF series speakers First system to use Lab Gruppen power amplifiers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In Addition, each corner of the dance floor as 4 - dual 12” horn loaded subwoofers which are stacked up in a cube, combining to create a 6 x 6 foot horn, capable of delivering over 140 decibels of bass energy. The system is “topped off” utilizing the EAW DCT2 tweeter array, which is attached to the bottom of the Avalon DC1.

The balcony level system is equally impressive consisting of Avalon DC1 speakers in the two rear corners; each supported by a pair of DCS2 horn loaded subwoofers, and again topped with DCT2 super tweeter arrays.

Ruby Skye became the first night club in the Western Hemisphere with Lake Contour 26’s for its speaker control system. The Lake features mastering quality D to A, A to D converters on all its inputs and outputs. It also incorporates equalization filter shapes such as Mesa filters that are not available from any other sound processing device. Furthermore, the internal processing is the most powerful of any competing unit, giving the Lake better transient response and overall superior audio quality. And that’s not even the coolest thing about the Contour 26: its all run by a wireless tablet PC, a control surface that allows the sound system programmer to walk to any speaker in the building, tap on the tablet, and begin, essentially, drawing audio. You can call up crossovers, limiters, time alignment, polarity and phase correction, input and output equalizers, groups of speakers, individual speakers, component mutes and mute groups, all graphically displayed on the sexiest user interface in the sound reinforcement business.

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